Kohei Nawa Board

Kohei Nawa

By covering the skin of taxidermy animals with transparent glass spheres, sculptor Kohei Nawa magnifies the underlying surface and distorts the surrounding light to create a pixilated “husk of light.” Reflective light on glass spheres.

Hikaru Shiota - In Silence (2008) Installation

CHIHARU SHIOTA In Silence, 2008 Lana nera, pianoforte bruciato / Black wool, burnt grand piano Centre PasquArt, Biel © 2012 Chiharu Shiota. All rights reserved Photo by Sunhi Mang

circus mag: "different lines" - Ausstellung/ Exhibition in Berlin in der Galerie mianki

circus mag: different lines - Ausstellung in Berlin in der Galerie mianki

two squares weaving by brook & lyn.

Pick n' Mix time - grab yo' bulk-bin bags...

Mimi Jung — Two Rectangles Mohair and cotton yarn on copper rod. Weaving measures x Rod measures x Handwoven in Los Angeles.

Dongwook Lee

Dongwook Lee

Instalación negra entre edificios

Jonke, Christoph Katzler y Nikola Radeljković bajo el nombre de “For Use”.

Seet van Hout, Netherlands - 'Melancoly girls' is the name of the exhibition Seet Wood ...

‘Melancoly girls’ is de naam van de tentoonstelling die Seet van Hout…

Click to enlargeThough it may not be exactly art or design, I think this animal rights protest in Barcelona would qualify as some sort of performance or street art. Animal rights activist group Ani...

Animal Equality, Animal Rights Protest Barcelona, Day without Meat, street art, performance art Note from Sunni.

Vapori by Maurizio Galante on Curiator

Maurizio Galante - Vapori - wood, tulle Headboard for a bed, a dream landscape. Wooden structure entirely covered with a textile wavy dress. Composed of a repetition of a half moon shapes cut in cloudy veils tulle.

'sulbing' 2012 26" x 26" x 2" industrial felt, digitally engineered image, silkscreen printing, hand stitching

'sulbing' 2012 x x industrial felt, digitally engineered image, silkscreen printing, hand stitching