Hand Drawn Map Association

From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association by Kris Harzinski Princeton Architectural Press, Paperback, 224 pp. ISBN The Hand Drawn Map Association has come a long way since I first encountered it.

Book Cover

The Tax Inspector / Peter Carey. book_cover design by Jenny Grigg, Series Design, UK. (Material As Type)


“She was unlike most girls of her age, in this -- that she had ideas of her own" - Wilkie Collins, THE MOONSTONE. Incidentally, this book is often considered to be the first British detective novel.

포트폴리오 표지

Linda Huang is a graphic designer based in New York. She designs book covers and occasionally other things.

Sophie Fontanel - The Art Of Sleeping Alone.

The Art of Sleeping Alone Why would a magazine editor decide to stop having sex? The Art of Sleeping Alone: Why One French Woman Suddenly Gave Up

Rudolph de Harak

Rudolph de Harak was a legendary American graphic designer who is well-known for his book cover designs for McGraw-Hill during the and A modernist at heart, de Harak also designed record covers for Columbia and Westminster, as well as these lovely clocks.

David Carson the use of typeography and the way the text overlap eachover giving it more of a feel of a poster design. In every poster David Carson makes he uses so many different types of fonts to honour his title of being the grunge king.