How To Decorate With Black and Yellow

How To Decorate With Black and Yellow

Eadie Armchair, Donna Wilson (love donna wilson/nos da, and still have a soft spot for those little piglets)

Eadie Armchair Donna Wilson I'll be needing a green armchair like this soon.

Erin McIntyre's print on La La Lovely Things

la la's room reveal

DIY mini tassel garland -from La La Lovely. I would probably do this with yarn and larkshead knots.

Donna Wilson Meg & Mog Plates in the home of Kerry from The Seventy Tree. A Merry Mishap Blog

The Modern Baby - Cable & Cotton Pastel Brights Cotton Ball Light String - 2 Lengths

@Donna Wilson plates for the kitchen. I love these.

Admired recently: Plates by Scottish artist Donna Wilson, spotted in the home of French stylist Aurélie Lécuye.