Armoured Cargos - Silodrome

uglyBROS Armoured Cargos

uglyBROS is a Korean motorcycle gear company that prides itself on its unique, slightly offbeat designs. The popularity of the brand has been growing in significantly in Japan, Korea, Thailand and the US. The uglyBROS Armoured Cargos (called “Motorpool”)

Balmain Extra Slim Stretch Denim Jeans in Green for Men

Men's Green Extra Slim Stretch Denim Jeans

Art Balmain Extra Slim Stretch Denim Jeans in Green for Men men-s-style-i-like


Very good pant wrinkle reference, although my character has large folds in this pants i think this will definitely help me with starting the fold detail

ArtStation - Metal Gear Online, John Gotch

I had the honor to do some art for the Metal Gear Online portion of Metal Gear Solid V game. It was a privilege to work with some of the other really talented artists at the Kojima L.

Amy - Game Character - Polycount Forum

A personal project I did for fun back in All hi-poly work was sculpted by hand. Textured images are taken from the Maya viewport using lcUbershader by Leonardo Covarrubias.

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