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Interstellar - Publicity still of Matthew McConaughey. The image measures 2048 * 1365 pixels and was added on 1 January


The final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar is only two and a half minutes long, but it promises hours of awesome science-based

In Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction parable “Interstellar,” Earth is dying, and a team of astronauts searches the universe for a new home for the human race.

George Monbiot: Movies about abandoning Earth reflect the political defeatism of our age: that adapting to climate breakdown is preferable to stopping it


In the century, the sound of outer space was defined by Gustav Holst, Richard Strauss, and John Williams. In the century, composers and sound designers are redefining the sound of space in a way that's mindful of the fact that there IS no sound in space.

Image of Mars

NASA/JPL-Caltech Mars Global View Of Valles Marineris. Composed of over 100 Viking Orbiter images, this is a mosaic of the Valles Marineris hemisphere of Mars.

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Two Hamilton watches appear in the new science fiction movie 'Interstellar' starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain.Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film features a team of space explorers.


"We're still pioneers, we barely begun. Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, cause our destiny lies above us." Interstellar by Christopher Nolan with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, & Jessica Chastain