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a bathroom set with toothbrushes, soap dispenser and holder
IKEA Storavan Bathroom Set
Homeowners aspiring to do a bathroom makeover will find the IKEA Storavan Bathroom Set highly convenient. This is because of the clean design and white finish that easily harmonizes any bathroom decor style. This set is composed of a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tray, all made of polypropylene plastic. It was designed by Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
the measurements for an ikea sofa and tray are shown in three different sizes, including two
IKEA Saxborga Jars & Tray
Keeping your minor items organized is now easier with the IKEA Saxborga Jars & Tray. Other than the sleek and modern design, which makes them look expensive and with amazing quality, their petite sizes make them easily fit into small spaces. They were designed by H. Preutz and M. Seipel with the tray/lid made of cork but jar glass. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
the measurements for a toothbrush holder
IKEA Kalkgrund Toothbrush Holder
The IKEA Kalkgrund Toothbrush Holder was designed by Henrik Preutz and made of stainless steel, though the foot is of polypropylene. The material makes it durable and resistant to corrosion while the shiny chrome finish reminds you every morning to brush your teeth. The base is removable for easy cleaning. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
a bathroom set with toothbrush and soap dispenser
IKEA Gansjön Bathroom Set
The IKEA Gansjön Bathroom Set is composed of a tray, soap dispenser/bathroom cup (made of stoneware, pigmented gaze), and pump (made of polypropylene). Even though they possess a straightforward and minimalistic design, the matte black finishes make them look sleek and high-end with the ability to bring a five-star feeling to your bathroom. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
a toothbrush holder is shown with measurements
IKEA Ekoln Toothbrush Holder
The biggest selling point in the IKEA Ekoln Toothbrush Holder is the beautiful rich color with a smooth white on the inside, matte black on the outside, and clean, smooth oval curves. This makes it easily match your bathroom decor and accessories. It was designed by Anna Efverlund and made of stoneware. This material makes it weighty enough to stand on its own. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
the size and width of a bathroom set with measurements for each section, including two separate sections
IKEA Dragan Bathroom Set
If you are looking for a small box to keep by your bedside and help organize loose items like medicine jars, glasses, cotton balls, and hair clips, the IKEA Dragan Bathroom Set is a perfect choice. It is well made with natural bamboo wood that gives it sturdiness and makes it have a warm and calming feel. The pair of boxes were designed by Sarah Fager. Downloads online #bathrooms #objects #home #ikea
an image of a table mirror with measurementss for each piece and the size to fit it
Pond Table Mirror
The Pond Table Mirror is set on a slender detachable metal stand so you can remove the mirror and attach it back to a different position for different shapes. The halo-like stand with curved edges in bronze, brass finish and the slender shape-shifting mirror, when placed in a room, will always remind you it is time to groom yourself. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
the measurements for a table mirror are shown
PESA Table Mirror
The Pesa Table Mirror may be petite, but it is still visually striking. It features a heavy marble base that gives the rounded mirror a secure footing, while the position of the mirror on one side of the base ensures it is easily visible to inform you it is time to groom yourself. It is also lightweight and portable to fit tight spaces. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
the measurements for a table mirror are shown in red and white, with an oval shaped frame
Nimbus Table Mirror
The Nimbus Table Mirror looks visually intriguing and charming. This is coming from its design of a gently halo-like stand with curved edges in bronze, brass finish. Even so, the petite size is its biggest selling factor as it makes it extremely portable and easily fits into tight spaces. It was designed by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
a drawing of a mirror with measurements for the frame and base, shown in red on a white background
Jackie Glam Accent Mirror
The freestanding Jackie Round Glam Accent Mirror has a charming accent. The mirror and frame are rounded, made of metal with a gold finish that makes it very eye-catching. The base tray is large enough to hold your beauty accessories. The light construction also allows you to effortlessly move it anywhere you need. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
measurements for the ikea t - typeal table mirror and floor lamp in red
IKEA Tyssedal Table Mirror
The IKEA Tyssedal Table Mirror is a great mirror to add some element of touch to your vanity. It has a perfect size, can swing back and forth, the material used to make the mirror and the fiberboard frame make it lightweight, and allow it to fit tight spaces. It was designed by Ebba Strandmark. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
the measurements for an ikea tvs table mirror are shown in red and white
IKEA Tysnes Table Mirror
The biggest plus in the IKEA Tysnes Table Mirror is the angles, which makes you see yourself from all directions, while the design of a curved bottom and metal finish makes it stylish. It was designed by Nicolas Cortolezzis and made of anodized aluminum and glass. Its simple lines make it unobtrusive. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
a table mirror and stand with measurements for each piece in the diagram, which is also labeled
IKEA Trensum Table Mirror
Your search for a shiny-looking 2-sided mirror can now be put to rest with the IKEA Trensum Table Mirror. The mirror, stainless steel base, and frames are rounded, with a clean shiny finish, while its petite size makes it ideal for small spaces. One side of the mirror has a magnifying capability of 2.5 times a normal mirror. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
an image of a table mirror with measurements for the height and width, shown in red
IKEA Lindbyn Table Mirror
The IKEA Lindbyn Table Mirror was designed by Andreas Fredriksson with the frames/leg/foot made of anodized aluminum and mirror glass. This material makes it lightweight. However, it is the black finish and tray that makes it worth having, as you can use the tray to hold things like makeup accessories. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea
measurements for the ike lassyn table mirror
IKEA Lassbyn Table Mirror
The IKEA Lassbyn Table Mirror is small and neat and would easily fit small dressing tables. The mirror is rounded, rotatable, and one side has a magnifying glass, capable of magnifying up to three times the size of a normal mirror. It was designed by Lisa Reiser and made of glass but the frame is of powder-coated steel. Downloads online #mirrors #decor #objects #home #ikea