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the diagram shows how to use five - pin pins for each other's bowling game
Five-Pin Pin Deck
The Five-Pin Pin Deck in Five-Pin Bowling is the spacing between the 5 pins that create its ‘V’ formation and layout. Every pin has a heavy rubber band around its middle section that causes them to move further when struck by the Five-Pin Bowling Ball. Each of the 5 pins is worth a different scoring point value. Downloads online #sports #bowling
a drawing of a bowling pin with measurements
Five-Pin Bowling Pin
The Five-Pin Bowling Pin in Five-Pin Bowling has a heavy rubber band around its middle section that causes them to move further when struck by the Five-Pin Bowling Ball. Each of the 5 pins is worth a different scoring point value. The headpin at the center is worth 5 points, the pins at both sides are worth 3 points each, and the pins at the ends are worth 2 points each. Together the five pins have a worth of 15 points in each frame. Downloads online #sports #bowling
the instructions for how to play tennis in different poses, including swinging and holding rackets
Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka is a Japanese professional tennis player who is known for being the first Asian tennis player to hold the top rank as a singles player and being ranked No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association. Naomi Osaka is a four-time Gland Slam singles champion and is also the reigning champion of the US Open and the Australian Open. Downloads online #sports #tennis #athletes
three men standing next to each other and pointing at something
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor is a British former professional darts player who dominated the sport for more than 2 decades. Phil Taylor began playing the sport in 1986 and throughout the span of his career he won more than 214 professional tournaments, 85 major titles, and 16 World Championships. Downloads online #sports #darts #athletes
a line drawing of three skateboarders riding their boards and one is doing a trick
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram is respected as among architects and proponents of reverse swing bowling during his reign as Pakistan's cricketer and national cricket team captain. Currently, he is a Pakistan cricket commentator and coach. Wasim was once the finest bowler in cricket history, hence called "Sultan of Swing" as his bowl had a robust pace considering he was left-handed. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a line drawing of two men playing baseball
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli is probably the most decorated cricket player in his native home, India, and the international cricket arena. The captain's Indian's national cricket team and the Royal Challengers Bangalore club. Virat is hailed as the finest batsman alive and brags the best Test rating, One Day International (ODI) rating, and Twenty20 International (T20I) rating. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a line drawing of three men playing tennis, one is jumping and the other is running
Shane Warne
Australia's Shane Warne cricket career was clouded with scandals in and out of the field. He was previously the captain of the Australian cricket team and considered the finest bowlers. Currently, he is a cricket commentator. He is a three-time Wisden Leading Cricketer. Domestically, he played for Victoria and Hampshire, where he captained for three seasons. Downloads online #sports #cricket
three men are running and one is throwing the ball to another man with his arms in the air
Shahid Afridi
Pakistan International cricketer Shahid Afridi brags fewer international titles, but his field efforts are well known and immensely appreciated. Born Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, also called "Boom Boom," he had captained Pakistan's national team and is famous for his consistent bowling and aggressive batting style. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a diagram showing how to play baseball with the ball in each hand and holding a bat
Sachin Tendulkar
achin Tendulkar is a retired Indian international cricketer renowned for several things. He was formerly Indian national team captain and the best batsmen in cricket history, possessing the highest run-scorer in international cricket. Sachin won the 2011 World Cup and was the "Player of the Tournament" in the 2003 cricket edition. Downloads online #sports #cricket
three baseball players in different positions, one is swinging the bat
Rahul Dravid
India's Rahul Dravid was the only captain and former cricketer of the Indian national team to have awards and titles as a cricket player and coach. As the head coach for the under-19 team, he received the U-19 Cricket World Cup in 2018, and as a player, he was famous for his sound battling technique receiving the name "The Wall or The Great Wall." Downloads online #sports #cricket
three men are playing baseball and one is holding a bat
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
India's Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be your best bet if you seek cricket captains with several accomplishments and trophies. Mahendra Singh Dhoni once captained Indian in a reduced capacity in Test cricket, winning the 2007 International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20, two Asia Cups, ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, and ICC Championship Trophy in 2013 and being the best wicket-keeper batsman. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a drawing of a man holding a baseball bat and another person with a helmet on
Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev is a retired Indian Cricketer who held the most significant number of wickets in Test cricket on retiring, making him the highest wicket-taker in Indian in both Test and One Day International (ODI) cricket. He was praised as a fast right-arm pace bowler, hard-hitting middle-order batsman, potent outswinger, leading strike bowler for India in his career, and the best all-rounders cricketer in cricket's history. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a man holding a baseball bat next to another man with a helmet and gloves on
Chris Gayle
Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle was the captain of West Indies in international cricket games. He is famous for being West Indies' most capped player in international cricket, in Twenty20 (T20) as the greatest batsmen, for pulling off a triplet of centuries, comprising a hundred in Twenty20 International (T20Is), double hundred in One Day International (ODIs), and triple hundred in Test cricket. Downloads online #sports #cricket
a line drawing of football players with helmets on and holding baseball bats in their hands
Paul Rabil
America's lacrosse player Paul Rabil currently plays lacrosse professionally for his co-foundered club Atlas Lacrosse club. Previously, he played for the New York Lizard and Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse. Paul is a two-time Major League Lacrosse (MLL) MVP and three-time MLL Offensive Player of the Year. In 2011, he became the first player in lacrosse sports to win the MLL Fastest Shot competition and the MLL Bud Light Skills competition. Downloads online #sports #lacrosse
three football players are running with their helmets on
Michael Powell
Michael Powell is a retired American professional lacrosse player who converted to become a musician and visual artist. In 2002 and 2006, he was with the United States team in the World Lacrosse Championship, where he was commended as the All-World Team. Powell has played professionally for Boston Cannons, Baltimore Bayhawks, and Syracuse University, where he was First Team All-American on four occasions. Downloads online #sports #lacrosse