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Kimono concept geisha of blood

I love eyes, they tell you so much about a person and there experiences. I am the Maz Canata of the real world.

Melody-Rain, Annie, Jeanne, Lora, and Taylor

Maybe this in the jar? Or possibly in a dark ally surrounded by drugs as well as some dar figures and police lights in the distance


Ruler Lily (Jeanne D'Arc) by Krenz Cushart on ArtStation

*she will be as large as a Noh Serpent Priestess

Soda Pop Miniatures is raising funds for Relic Knights: Edition on Kickstarter! Relic Knights is an anime-themed miniature skirmish game featuring diceless game mechanics and gorgeous miniatures.

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Media Tweets by ✿제리✿ (@je_rrry00) | Twitter

Media Tweets by ✿제리✿ (@je_rrry00) | Twitter

Eye shapes

Eye shapes of anime boys and men - drawing reference

Romantic * cocoA if you want to re-upload my pictures, please indicate my tumblr address :)

Romantic * cocoA by popobana. Do not use my drawing without my permission Please.

낙서들 : 네이버 블로그

낙서들 : 네이버 블로그

You're not alone in this tragedy called "life"

This is ma typa shit

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Firework by JDarnell on DeviantArt

Chenbo, characters, knife, League Of Legends