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The kid that never grew up, The mother that never gave up, The grandmother that never stopped loving .

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All the world is a stage by Mihai Christe from:

Surreal Paintings by Mihai Criste

Mihai Criste is a creative Romanian painter who is fascinated by abstration, mystery and surrealism. He graduated from the Visual Arts Ac.

Composition Art, Marker Pen, Character Illustration, Creative Art, Science Fiction, Robot, Illustrators, Drawing

Work 2009 by redmer hoekstra, via Behance

Redmer Hoekstra -This work is relevant as it highlights the idea of 'human meaning' /relevance being ascribed to the 'animal as object'. This practice of ascribing meaning to objects speaks of the souvenir object, where meaning is not inherent.

발상과 표현 - 생명의 무게

발상과 표현 - 생명의 무게

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