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Black One-Piece Dress - pixiv Spotlight

constellations, watching over the human race but saddened by what is going on. Was given a human body and now is stuck in the human realm unable to adapt (needs help)

【目・スカートの描き方】絵上手いやつちょっと来て下さい|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

【目・スカートの描き方】絵上手いやつちょっと来て下さい|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

Looks like Olivier "Ice Queen" Armstrong of the Northern wall.

Anime picture with fate (series) fate/stay night fate/zero saber berserker (fate/zero) wlop tall image blonde hair green eyes looking away ahoge signed braid (braids) wind eyelashes reflection watermark girl male weapon

Mei armor More

Genisus, a 14 year old guard trainee, she small but she is hella fast! Don't want to insult her or you'll have bruises for a while.