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It seems that the formation of the buildings and the hardscape were created in MAX. The plants, kite and the person were photoshoped in. The isometric diagram was made in first in autocad and then touched up in illustrator.

“’En’ Phasing” by Lu Chih-hao, Vivian Lee, and Tien Wen Jack Wu - “The idea is to extend the mountains and its nature from the south of the site and continue into the green belt of Science Park development. The architecture acts as a threshold between the nature and the Science Park precinct.” >>>

Image 11 of 12 from gallery of Winners of Hong Kong 'GIFT' Ideas Competition Announced. Courtesy of Hong Kong Science Park GIFT Design Ideas Competition

Concurso Peatonalización del Centro Urbano de Torrelodones FaseII_Panel1

Beautifully integrated plan, elevation, and perspective : Pedestrian Area in Torrelodones Competition Winner Prize : / Moreu Mestre Arquitectos

Second Place - Seville: Airat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng (Russia)

Winners of the SC2012 Links: Bridging Rivers Competition

prancha de concurso Second place entry in the Links: Bridging Rivers Competition to design a habitable bridge. Entry by Airat Khusnutdinov and Zhang Liheng from Russia

Panel Layout + Rendered images

An Architectural Presentation board becomes a reflection of every architect or architecture student. Please do consider creating a great Architectural

Results of the Competition [SYDNEY] Container Vacation House

Winners Proposals Of Container Vacation House Competition Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of SYDNEY Container Vacation House Com