Fascinating Eyes Colors Drawing

Eye-balls drawn with fascinating colour and detail. Using ball point pens ( brand/type _ BIC Shimmer Fashion )

3B 1413040 이유진 - 같은 굵기로된 픽토그램들 입니다. 다른 사물을 나타내는 픽토그램이지만 같은 선굵기로 통일감을 나타내고 있습니다.

Fresh new free Outline icon sets for website mockups, mobile app user interface and graphic design projects. There are outline icons!


Made You Look👁 self promotional project aswell as a personal challenge where I aim to design a poster a day throughout subject is totally random and the only rule is that it can't take longer than 17 minutes to complete.

Design #love

This style of illustrative portraits would work well with this newspaper because of its simplicity. The simple illustrations combined with its very precise attention to detail creates a uniform yet stylised characterisation.

Impossible Sea #photomanipulation #retouching #photography

A nice use and manipulation of an M.C Escher. Taking the impossible triangle and turning into an impossible sea.

Animals logos

I seriously like the foxes. A collection of colorful animal logos by Ivan Bobrov. Look at this beautiful collection of colorful animal logos created by Ivan Bobrov, a Barnaul, Russian

Gift Guide for Best Health Magazine, November/December 2014 (via Stephanie Han Kim).

Gift Guide for Best Health Magazine, December Styling by Caitlin Doherty. Art direction by Stephanie Han Kim. Photo by Luis Albuquerque.

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