typewriters of famous authors

Famous writers and their typewriters. (Photo from Smith Journal volume one. Typewriters from the collection of Robert Messenger.) I like Hunter S.

Record Player Reboot by Siddharth Vanchinathan.

Record Player Reboot by Siddharth Vanchinathan. A minimally designed record player that also delights the iPod generation. Even a pre amp is included inside the player that the audio output can be directly plugged into a speaker.

MUJI Second Phone.

Designed for MUJI by Sam Hecht in Second Phone was the first technology product from Industrial Facility.

Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper. Doney 14 Television Set. 1962

Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper: Doney 14 Television Set - 1962 - the first completely transistor television


The Kenwood white kMix Kitchen Mixer is the perfect blend of colourful, retro styling and classic Kenwood performance from Kenwood New Zealand