As long as there is weather, there will always be a new interpration and design to present it. Can you design the next?

weather graph by Anton Kudin, via #Dribble #ui #design

weather graph by Anton Kudin, via Dribble. we don't need a weather graph, but I thought the visualization was interesting.

SmileAlarm / Michael Sambora

I hope I have enough cognitive powers when I open a shut eye and a sleepy brain to read the time. Or do I first internalize this user-interface design in my waking hours? But it looks pretty.

RTP Live Infographics

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Dario - diabetes management system

Dario - diabetes management system *** "Dario is a diabetes management system that provides outstanding usability and accessibility by integrating a pocket-sized glucometer with a mobile app and secure cloud computing." by Andrey Ovrutsky, via Behance ***


Calculator UI

This shows a calculator but it could be a really clever way to display projects in the things that they can do. Such as create a new project, see all of my tasks, etc.


Tracking Graph by Months

Weathertron by Ryan Lucas, via Behance

The creation of the Weathertron app for iPhone & iPad. Branding, app design & development, and web presence. Weathertron is a new kind of weather report: an instant, accurate data visualization of your entire day. Now you can see exactly what the day ha…