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Emma frost

Here's a beautiful piece of art by Aleksi Briclot which features X-Men's Emma Frost. Frost has always been one of my favorite female X-Men characters, and I love this illustration of her.

Uncanny Xmen #12 - Emma Frost

womanaconda submitted to thehawkeyeinitiative: “ Uncanny X-Men 12 Battle of the Atom part 4 Milo Manara variant cover Schaudy drew a thing and then I was like, “I need to color that.” Look, we’re no Aja/Hollingsworth, but gosh darn it we try.

Cyclops #3 by Alexander Lozano *

Q: What's the problem with stealing a Badoon ship?A: It's a Badoon ship.Corsair and Cyclops experience engine trouble, shipwreck, and have the nice father-son chat they've both been avoiding, as Rucka & Dauterman continue the smash hit of