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Modern A5 Catalogue / Brochure

iOS App Icon

iOS App Icon

Maybe that R ends up a bit small, but this iOS app icon has otherwise got some…

Clear Day is an iOS weather app where real-time NOAA radar comes alive with 3D weather maps and amazing HD video.

The Best Apps to Predict Wet and Wild Weather

Get weather info from more than one city shown against an animated backdrop – eg grass gently moving in the breeze. Add a city by tapping the + button at the top of the screen

Red dark weather iphone app nice :) by oru, via Behance

Red dark weather iphone app nice :) by oru, via Behance: Cool colours and ambience, but always red may send a different message.

iOS Weather App

Design concept for an iOS Weather App (iPhone and Apple Watch) by Jan Erik Waider: Screendesign / Webdesign / Responsive Design / Interface Design / Mobile Apps