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Pig Arks - The Accidental Smallholder

Building a Doghouse Step by Step

Take time to build the perfect pad for your pet.

Chicken Tractor Gallery compiled by Katy

Pest Control : Patio, Lawn & Garden :

Online shopping for Patio, Lawn & Garden from a great selection of Repellents, Bug Zappers, Traps, Sprayers, Baits & Lures, Fly Swatters & more at everyday low prices.

15 Tips to Reduce FLIES Around the Chicken Coop

When keeping chickens or other animals, flies are an expected nuisance, and steps should be taken to reduce the overall fly population to limit the risks they pose to chickens.

Splay Leg Repair | Guinea Fowl International Association

An international organization providing support and information to those interested in the keeping and breeding of guinea fowl.

Using Vaseline for Chicks with Pasty Butt

Baby chicks can develop an accumulation of poop around their vent that can eventually prevent them from pooping if not carefully removed. This is a guide about using Vaseline for chicks with pasty butt.

How to Build a No-Dig Backyard Pond for Under $70

Instructions for building a backyard pond with no kit and no digging required

Double-sided or Single-sided Feeder Plan Booklet

A full-color booklet for building your own hay-saving, sheep and goat feeders using Premier's durable wire panels.

Spraddle leg, the band aid fix

How to fix spraddle leg in chicks. Chicks can develop spraddle leg which makes it hard for them to walk. With this simple fix, they will be better in just a few days.

5 Uses for Livestock Panels | Peak Prosperity

Livestock panels are a heavy gauge galvanized welded wire fencing material. They are also commonly called "cattle","hog", or “sheep” panels. They are almost a must have on any new farm or homestead. They make the acquisition of livestock a much easier process and are an affordable option for smaller spaces. Their rigidness and ability to take abuse makes them idea for goats, pigs and other animals that have a tendency to stand on or lean against your fencing.

Spraddle leg & Crooked Toes in Chicks- Causes and Treatments

Spraddle leg, also known as 'splay leg,' is a deformity of a chicken's legs, characterized by feet pointing to the side, instead of forward, making walking difficult, if not impossible. Spraddle leg can be permanent if left uncorrected, but it's simple to correct, so let' ...

How to Build a Hoop House Greenhouse for $50

We love DIY greenhouse projects that save tons of money. By upcycling some materials, David LaFerney shows how to build a hoop greenhouse for as low as $50!

Wire Panel Connector Hinge

Provides a strong, reliable connection that is also a 360º hinge. Surprisingly easy and fast to use.

Valhalla's quick-and-easy arched cattle panel housing units

Arched cattle panel units have proven to be invaluable here at Valhalla for housing various groups of ducks, chickens, turkeys, and goats -- they can also be used as simple garden storage lockers or even as green houses when covered with plastic during the winter. They are inexpensive to construct yet still very strong; they can be predator-proofed if needed; they can be linked together into stationary rows or mounted on wheels, and; they are extremely easy for even an inexperienced…