Ski Resort & Snowboarding | Illustrator: Robert Filip

Isometric colorful vector background with ski resort and mountains by filip robert, via Shutterstock

Japan City on Behance

An unpublished project, circa Making an isometric view of city for a website. Inspired by Japan. All buildings were created one by one with special facade.

Low Polys - Animals on Behance

The use of shape here is creative as you have an entire environment that lives on one single square.

Posters for SNDCT on Behance

I especially like those characterized, simple illustrations. Its really plain, simple but easy and clear way to depict what it is


A very detailed map of France and the route of the Tour de France. Designed for USA bicycling Magazine by I love dust.

I Love Dust

I like the idea of doing a DIY version of this for each child's initial and hanging them in their bed nooks. However, I may need to make them collages due to not having the artistic free hand skill to illustrate.


Quoted from: I Love Dust

Grandpa Bicycle

“You Are What You Ride” Illustrated Bikes by Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle


USA Bicycling Mag, Tour De France, illustration by ILoveDust


The famous ‘Lunchbox’, a scale RC Monster Truck. Despite relatively poor stability and handling due to the large tires and high center of gravity Tamiya’s ‘stunt vehicles’ were extremely popular, and none more so than the competitively priced Lunchbox.