like the scroll ist - you could animate this really nicely. fold up. pul down for more 'data' Moji_full_dribbble


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This is a cool idea for an app, to check your medicine. i like the choice of presentation as well, its very simple, the textures do the work. the pill looks like its inside a plastic case in a tin casing. its very impressive

Chinwa restaurant in Dubai on Behance

Chinwa Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ui and website design concept by Paweł Skupień, brand identity and illustration by Neiman Alghabra, on Behance.

The Web Aesthetic / Aesthetic Invention — Designspiration

The Web Aesthetic — Showcasing The Best in Web Design Minimal and clean with pops of colour.

News of the week about design, products and tools. “DESIGN DIGEST is published by RiverCity in Muzli -Design Inspiration

File Not Found by Iftikhar Shaikh

404 page - Illustration

404 illustration for Note app more coming soon Hope you like it guys 😊 Happy Monday :)