Haikyuu!! ~~ Growing Up! - Kuroo Tetsurou and Kenma Kozume

~~ Growing Up! - Kuroo Tetsurou and Kenma Kozume Más

Haikyuu!! ~~ Growing Up! - Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shouyou

Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shōyō

Kuroken haikyuu and Harry Potter

Hq Harry Potter potterverse kenma kozume kuroo kuro tetsouro bokuto koutaru akaashi keji bokuaka kuroken ship aww awe otp crossover crossovers<<< I think Kenma would be in Huffelpuff though. He's way too chill and noncaring to be Ravenclaw

Wowwowwow A+ hottie alert

leave it to fanarts to take it to the next lvl xD - Kageyama Tobio

Dream Girl Haikyuu ver XP

That would be a perfect kpop group

Bruh oikawa and makki looks so good tf

tsukishima yachi - Tìm với Google // Add this to the list of ships I didn't know…

yachi & tsukishima damn yachi ships are always cute wtf

Can you see Makki's fucking shoes, I am dying

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Can you see Makki's fucking shoes, I am dying

Genderbends | 196 фотографий

Genderbends | 196 фотографий

Woow this fanart es awesome!

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Bokuto Koutaro x Akaashi Keiji


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a murder of crows

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Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa & Hanamaki - haikyuu // i dont know what type of au this is but yes pls sign me up