"From wood we extract the true nature"Studio Drewna is a family business with a long tradition and years of experience. It is a company that designs and creates premium handmade wooden furniture.The scope of our work included the creation of a logo, c…

Mapping out the future for an iconic museum

separates by persona. Maybe we can have a separate diagram that combines the emo-meter of all personas?

Icons in Motion / David Kovalev

Icons in Motion

Just messing around in principle with some icons. as you scroll there will be a transition when the icon appears and then a different animation that occurs on hover.

Gesture Icons

We have collected 15 free gesture icon sets for mobile developers. The gesture icons come in many different styles, sizes and, most importantly, formats.

Finally, we can ditch all the remotes for something even easier to use than a smart home tablet! He's called Bearbot and he's hoping you'll adopt

Gestures for the bearbot remote