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정말 어마어마한 낙서들이네요~~ㄷㄷㄷㄷ...매일매일 꾸준히 손으로 그림 그리는 습관을 들이면언젠가 이런...

I just realized that Grandma Marilyn had her own version of a junk journal/ art journal/ smashbook, decades before they became a trend! She had little notebooks similar to this, in which she doodled and glued magazine clippings with artsy stuff.

Kindah Khalidy

From cacti to taxi cabs to clouds and mountains, CA artist Kindah Khalidy creates abstract landscapes that are full of happiness and life.

BLACK CAT A DAY! I love this! By Stephanie Birdsong via Brown Paper Bag

Stephanie Birdsong has a daily project called Black-cat-a-day. It's a sketchbook painting challenge where she depicts a different noir feline for October.

Illustration Cat, Cat Art, Sketchbooks, Animals, Sketch Books

Antti Kekki

Antti Kekki