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Great layout to show lots of content, editorial and component based design. HomeMuse Gallery by Sergei Gurov, via Behance *** web design for art gallery & museum HomeMuse

家庭用的手机网站。 滚动网站(不断滚动就能得到所有咨询),用色就和手机的颜色一样,黑,白,橙红。图片的使用也是没话说!厉害! 重点的说明产品的特性,分段的说明,接近结束的时候加上一段tube,就连tube的pause设计都是惊人的!我很喜欢,最后在来一张图片作为ending。

Slick responsive Landing Page for a new product called 'Speedphone by German telecommunications provider Telekom. Interesting/weird effect behind the intro pink text block.