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Clyde Aspevig, Lot 269: In the High Country

Must learn how to paint these trees! artnet Galleries: Lot In the High Country by Clyde Aspevig from Coeur d'Alene Art Auction


Serene by Richard S. Johnson, American painter, born in His style has been regarded as having the technical excellence of Pre-Raphaelite romanticism mixed with contemporary expressionism and abstraction.

vladimir volegov

Vladimir Volegov Tuesdays Stroll painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Vladimir Volegov Tuesdays Stroll painting is available at custom size.

Riley...I would kick is ass but i'm to stoned

Zeus Lores by Gui Costa. Smoke emerging through the open mouth. Smoking as an act of cleaning: All tension and stress goes up in smoke.

Emerico Toth

Rain Day - Bowler Hat Painting Emerico Imre Toth, love this, reminds me of the movie "The End of the Affair". strange how art brings you to a memory or place and invokes emotions that you thought you had forgotten.