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I imagine Tyrantrum as somewhat like the Deviljho, but with a Brute Tigrex-like behavior. So Tyrantrum doesn't have any breath attacks, but attacks, bites, and rampage just like a Tigrex. Outrage w...

Today we& featuring Samurott Let& just assume that in Pokemon Hunter there will be underwater combat. While on land Samurott works kinda like a Zamtrios, but underwater it& a samurai. If it wer.

Street style at Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring 2017 [Photo: Kuba Dabrowski]

The design principles were pushed at Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring These pants bring a new element of design for men's pants, giving a fun and crazy twist to them with the dynamic patchwork.

Valentino Fall 2016 Menswear Fashion Show Details

The same is done with subverting low-class dress. It seems to give a swish look without allowing an all too narrow interpretation of the gesture.

Looks like beautiful patched Kings of Indigo denim cropp Street style during London Collections: Men spring 2017 [Photo: Kuba Dabrowski]