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There is a saying in English that goes, “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” In Chinese, this same phrase can be translated as “麻烦没有来找你, 你就永远不要去找麻烦(Máfan méiyǒu lái zhǎo nǐ, nǐ jiù yóngyuǎn búyào qù zhǎo máfan),” or, in brief, “不要自找麻烦(búyào zì zhǎo máfan).” The moral here is, don’t seek out trouble, and in Chinese the perfect word to describe “trouble” is “麻烦(máfan)”!

In this lesson you’ll learn a very helpful Chinese word — “麻烦(máfan).” Want to learn more popular Chinese words?

Learn about Chinese breakfast at!

Chinese Breakfast: Stuffed Steamed Buns and Porridge

It’s no secret that international businesses are always looking to hire people who can speak multiple languages. As the Chinese economy has grown rapidly over the past decades, more and more companies are eager to seek employees that can speak Mandarin Chinese. Additionally, international traders and entrepreneurs are increasingly doing business in China and having Mandarin Chinese skills is an enormous advantage for them.

Know some useful Chinese phrases and words will benefit for your work during a Chinese business meeting.

Chinese Song – 雪绒花(Xuěrónghuā) Edelweiss

Learn a Chinese nursery rhyme for kids - Edelweiss while having fun.

Dà fēngchē zhī ya zhī yōuyōu de zhuàn, 大     风车    吱  呀 吱   悠悠    的    转, The big pinwheel twirls, 	 Zhèlǐ de fēngjǐng a zhēn hǎokàn.  这里  的  风景     啊  真    好看。 The scenery here is so beautiful.

Dà fēngchē zhī ya zhī yōuyōu de zhuàn, 大 风车 吱 呀 吱 悠悠 的 转, The big pinwheel twirls, Zhèlǐ de fēngjǐng a zhēn hǎokàn. 这里 的 风景 啊 真 好看。 The scenery here is so beautiful.

You wanna do this and you wanna do that. Whatever you want, you want to know how to express your wants…in Chinese.

You can use the sentence structure: subject + Xiǎng + to do something: Wǒ xiǎnɡ qù lǚxíng = I want to go travel.

You are invited to a wedding of your Chinese friend. What do you say when you propose a toast?  #eChineseLearning

In spoken Mandarin Chinese the question pronoun nǎr is commonly used when requesting location information.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Many might answer: with a birthday cake. In China, there is an ancient tradition that is still in practice today. Instead of having a cake, many might be enjoying birthday noodles. Birthday noodles or 寿面 (shòumiàn) are not just ordinary noodles. They literally mean “long-life noodles”

Learn why Chinese birthday must have longevity noodles and why it represents long life. Do not forget to give the noodles as a birthday present to your Chinese friends.

In Buddhist funerals, the idea of a place called Sukhavati, or “Western Paradise,” is considered the favorable destination for a soul that is departing Earth. Different languages have various names for this “heaven” that we hope to go to. In Chinese, we call this place “西天 (xītiān).” Buddhism is China’s oldest foreign religion, dating back to 300 B.C. in China. Buddhism has an up and down history, but a strong form has sustained, with over 244 million practicing Buddhists now living in…

Do you know the concept of “heaven” or “Western Paradise in Mandarin Chinese? Learn 西天(xī tiān) and when to use it and when not to.

As a Mandarin Chinese teacher, I’ve noticed that many of my foreign students use Chinese in conversation as much as possible, but by instinct they will usually use English or other non-Chinese expressions such as “oh my god!”, “just a minute” or “thank goodness!” when they suddenly need them to express their feelings. It’s instinct, but I’ve tried to change it! Therefore, one of the first common, daily expressions that I teach is: “谢天谢地! (Xiè tiān xiè dì)”

Chinese people usually express their lucky with 谢天谢地(xiè tiān xiè dì) for situations in which you avoid unfortunate things happening.

人情 (rénqíng) – human feelings; human relationship; favor; gift. This concept plays an important part in Chinese society. It points to displays of affection and emotion, people’s sense, worldly affairs, friendly sentiments and sensitivity to other’s feelings. In a more practical usage, it points to the benefits and connections that come from person-to-person interaction.

Learn about 人情 in this essential cultural lesson that teaches about Chinese society and the importance of its role in daily life.

The American film “Warcraft” did not do well at theatres in the USA. However, in China, “Warcraft” was a huge success. So, why did this film succeed in China but not in America? The movie was a “bomb” at the American box office but a huge success in China. 1. Chinese people are watching films increasingly- at a rate of 50% more per year. 2. It’s becoming cheaper for Chinese filmgoers if they buy their tickets online and go to the theater.

Get to know Chinese group buying 团购(tuángòu) and get the cheaper movie tickets.

If you are soon moving to China or already living there, it is possible that you will need to rent an apartment. For some people, such as English teachers, an apartment might be included in their contract. Students may live in dorms, which is prepared through the school. So, this may not seem relevant to you at first, but knowing how to rent an apartment can come handy and it can’t hurt to be independent.

Rent an apartment in China with ease! Learn what you need to know about renting the best apartment in Chinese.

Before we introduced one of China’s delicious breakfast duos, 豆浆油条(dòujiāng yóutiáo) or soy milk and fried dough sticks. A breakfast meal for the hearty looking to be filled with a full, warm meal. Yet there is another breakfast option for those who enjoy eating a lighter, healthier breakfast. If this sounds better to you, then traditional steamed buns and porridge is the food for you!

Chinese Breakfast: Stuffed Steamed Buns and Porridge