Contrast Knob for Samplephonics

Contrast Knob

I present to you The Knob of Contrast (sounds epic, eh?) which serves the purpose of. This is the latest artwork I did for Samplephonics, called

Gaming Controller Icon Design

Gaming Controller Icon

Dribbble - Gaming Controller Icon by Piotr Kwiatkowski


Light Dimmer Switch

nice tactile quality to this design---like the divot

Knob 3D icon

A showcase of Simple ios icon design 8 Icons Showcase: 10 Simple iOS Icon Designs

Eva Solo Magnetic Kitchen Timer... control knob idea: when turning have some sort of subtle tick or click similar to the volume knob on many car radios

The easy-to-place magnetic timer is easy to use and can be attached to the refrigerator door or the kitchen hood. Silicone rubber on the back prevents damage on the surface.

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