killerhouses: “Who wants this home? 50 Oakwood by Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects Located in San Francisco, California © Jacob Elliott insta ”

Montreal’s residential neighbourhoods, densely sowed throughout the century, are interspersed with tiny homes, strewn here and there in the urban landscape. When these buildings are left behind and go on sale, they offer architects

Motif Basin by Omvivo

The Motif Basin by OMVIVO has an etched glass base that 'projects' a pattern to the surface below.

vertical natural sunlight //

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #01

GREAT windows - This seems like a good idea for a tiny home - to bring in light & a tiny view where you don't want to sacrifice wall space.

종로맛집술집 :: 부엌 인테리어 1 (작은주방편) - 실용적이면서 아름다운 부엌을 꿈꾸다

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. We share collection of small kitchen design ideas

CLAIRE-VOIE 3_hmaa More

Visions of the Future // Japan office building by Hiroyuki Moriyama Architect and Associates in Kanagawa, Japan

It’s a concave glass window to an outdoor rock garden. Very zen and unexpected.

An inset glass box is used here to capture the reflected light of an outdoor Zen garden and to bring it indoors along the floor. The wall becomes a glowing prism of light during the day, and a glowing alcove as seen from the outside at night.

좁은땅에 세워진 믿기어려운 10평 협소주택 - Daum 부동산 커뮤니티

좁은땅에 세워진 믿기어려운 10평 협소주택 - Daum 부동산 커뮤니티

Guro dong Mini House by AIN Group ----------- Maison coréenne. Peu de terrain mais beaucoup d'idées. http://www.avantages-habitat.com/travaux-maison-ossature-bois-120.html

Guro-dong Mini House by AIN Group is just three metres wide

Seoul architecture studio AIN Group has built a three-metre-wide house for three residents in one of the city's most densely populated districts

Contemporary Stairs Design 12

9 Important Tips to Renovate Your Home with Contemporary Stair

[BY 월간 전원속의 내집] “우리나라 협소주택이 맞아?” 싶을 정도로 이국적인 외관 자랑하는 이집, 궁금...

[BY 월간 전원속의 내집] “우리나라 협소주택이 맞아?” 싶을 정도로 이국적인 외관 자랑하는 이집, 궁금...