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cgwell萌新练习5 作者:蒋穹 帖子ID:88095

cgwell萌新练习5 作者:蒋穹 帖子ID:88095

Screen_Tree01.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 1024 × 1166 пикселов)

An example of a low poly prop designed in z-brush. The simplicity of the model along with how detailed it can be with it's very specific style make for an item of high impact that could be used in a number of places within an environment.


ramped toon shader

Shader Forge - A visual, node-based shader editor

[RELEASE] Shader Forge - A node-based shader editor for Unity - Page 35 - Polycount Forum

[RELEASE] Shader Forge - A node-based shader editor for Unity - Page 37 - Polycount Forum

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