Max Barczak

justdropithere: “ Max Barczak by Thomas Giddings - Hercules Universal, FW 2016 ”

Radner Smiths - His hair usually covers half his face, really. A million savage responses. Likes to bite on straws. Actually half deaf.

eye make up

"I won't let you force me again and again. I'm stronger now" - Ideas for Felian

You've ruined my neck - I'm going to have to wear a polo neck sweater for at least a month now !!

Boycott Features Gucci Fall 2015 Menswear

Tancrède Scalabre and Linus Wördemann at Success and Xavier Buestel at Rockmen photographed by Kiki Xue and styled by Simon Pylyser with pieces from Gucci, for the third issue of Boycott magazine.

Timofei Rudenko

*Timofei Rudenko* Hey, im Charlie. I have an older brother called James.hes distant. I like to play video games and read books. My grades range from B - A*. I don't like the people I get bullied by.

THEATRE PRODUCTS(シアタープロダクツ)のカッティングアクリル ピアス(ピアス(両耳用))|ブラック

THEATRE PRODUCTS(シアタープロダクツ)のカッティングアクリル ピアス(ピアス(両耳用))|ブラック