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Separación ambientes-вариант комнат Sparbanken Rekarne -- use idea as desk dividers, angle desk spaces against incoming sunlight so the glass affects their desks & the space around it.

거제오피걸 010↔2174↔7099 통영오피걸 거제의명물 거제오피걸 통영오피녀 거제오피녀 통영오피걸 queen 스타일 있어요

Aesop Emporium, Melbourne by KTA & .PSLAB, photo: Derek Swalwell In collaboration with Kerstin Thompson Architects, .PSLAB has created the the lighting

MOZILLA FACTORY SPACE NOSIGNER designed Mozilla Japan’s new office, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.” All drawings are uploaded to the web so it is possible for anyone to make this functional office furniture inexpensively.

Mozilla Factory is a minimalist interior located in Japan, designed by Nosigner. Nosigner designed Mozilla Japan’s new office, Mozilla Facto.

Curated Properties Dispay Suite in Toronto, Canada by Mason | Yellowtrace

Curated Properties Dispay Suite in Toronto by Mason Studio

컬러와 공간나누는 방식 Hanging doors that could separate a space or just make it feel more compartmentalized.  JENSEN ARCHITECTS

IDEO San Francisco Offices: Perforated felt panels slide along a rail to create acoustic partitions while maintaining visual transparency.

Jason Keen Photography / Detroit Architectural Photographer - DETROIT FOUNDATION HOTEL / PORIS

Amazing Dining Rooms Design To Get Inspired For. love the leather bench, the withe brick wall but above all I'm in love with that huge pendant lamp. sala da pranzo con panca in cuoio, muri rivestiti di mattoni bianchi e un lampadario giagantesco

[No.48 리얼리티 바이츠] 홍대 인더스트리얼 빈티지 카페 인테리어 10평

[No.48 리얼리티 바이츠] 홍대 인더스트리얼 빈티지 카페 인테리어 10평

Stairs have the surprising ability to determine how a home feels. They’re seen and used often so having a staircase that stands out is a great way to make your house feel unique. Here are 18 examples of sleek, stylish stairs in modern homes.  1. These wood and black steel stairs almost create an optical illusion if you get too close! Aarhus Residence by Dinesen. Photography by Gert Skærlund A..

18 Examples Of Stair Details To Inspire You // These wood and perforated steel stairs extend out to create a space for a home office.

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Okomeya is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Schemata Architects. This rice shop is located on a modest-sized shopping street spanning 300 meters between the main shopping area and Togoshi Koen station.

[No.3 오단테] 화이트 노출 빈티지 카페 인테리어 110평

[No.3 오단테] 화이트 노출 빈티지 카페 인테리어 110평

5osA: [오사] :: *스칸다비아 디자인과 인더스트리얼 디자인 접목, 오픈 레스토랑 [ Richard Lindvall ] Swedish Tax Office Transformed Into A Bright And Open Restaurant

A Former Swedish Tax Office Transformed Into A Bright And Open Restaurant, Stockholm, Sweden / Richard Lindvall