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This is a great example of Water Packaging. The transparent and light-weight box reflects the nature of the product (water).

Packaging design

Unsure what the proper use for your knife is? What if it was right there on the packaging? Here's a knife pack concept out of the Ukraine.

Vipp packaging design by Vipp & Boxhouse branding. The product works nicely on the tone on tone box.

Vipp packaging design by Vipp & Boxhouse branding. The product works nicely on the tone on tone box.

Bac< by Ziggurat Brands on the Dieline


Ziggurat Brands helps design the packaging for Bac

Fitbit packaging by Mark Bult, via Behance

A packaging exploration I created while Art Director at Fitbit.

Selfridges & CoDesigned by Dave Richmond | Country: United Kingdom | Font: Trade Gothic

Selfridges food packaging by R Design (London).

IHORN / 2013年曾任包装设计

IHORN / 2013年曾任包装设计

20 гениальных упаковок 2015 года

These sock brushes. 34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

Perfecto Professional - Liora schirer Studio - Branding & Graphic Design

The studio was established in 2010 out of a great love for design and creative thinking, and provides business owners from a wide variety of fields with branding and design services.

3409960084_b9ed613345_z.jpg (508×640)

3409960084_b9ed613345_z.jpg (508×640)



Electrical & Lighting | Omega Creative

Creating unique brand styles and rolling out large ranges within a short time frame is one of our fortés.

packing design: 2 млн изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Cute packaging for Fazer Vilpuri bread products by Finland's Hasan & Partners. nomnomnomnom Fazer Vilpuri via TheDieline

Cookware & Bakeware | Omega Creative

Lifestyle images have become an important part of the connection with the consumer. We aim to inspire with recipe and lifestyle images, inform with new .

ICHIRYU – Centre Creative

ICHIRYU – Centre Creative

kitchen packaging - Google Search

design an eye catching PRODUCT package design labeling by bookcoverkindle