Modern American Brochure

Modern American Brochure

Infographics: Inside the NFL

One thing I am noticing with infographics is that designers are trying to put too much on one page, making the font smaller and harder to read. Even when you go to the original infographic and zoom in you can barely see anything! Definitely need a better

#infographics lifemap

Interesting idea -LifeMap This is a visualization of my life between ages 6 and It was created as an assignment for an Information Design course at Parsons taught by Dmitry Krasny.

What is really nice about this layout is the use of minimalism as well as the use of the subtle mustard color within the large text.

TOC magazine layout design

Really enjoy the page numbering/ wayfinding system they have set up, could look cool with the country logo idea Nice structure with the 4 column layout. Fonts are simple -- modern without being too out there.