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Manufact Coffee Roasters Apgujeong Queenmamamarket, Seoul Sinchon counter

Manufact Coffee Roasters - The Coffee Chaser

Blue tile in Intelligentsia's Silverlake location

This tile will be going in my future kitchen.The Coffee Chaser

Anthracite coffee roasters Hongdae, Seoul. Coffee bar design.

Anthracite Coffee Roasters - The Coffee Chaser

Heart Coffee Roasters Portland westside shop review

After trying their beans at cafes across the country, we visit Portland's Heart Coffee Roasters to see if the cafe lives up to their beautifully roasted beans.

Felt coffee in Seoul near Sinchon station. Minimal interior design.

Felt Coffee in Seoul's Sinchon is a beautifully-designed cafe in the middle of a very interesting neighborhood. Grab a coffee to go and explore the streets of Sinchon.

Coffee Lab  in Hongdae, Seoul review interior

Hongdae's Coffee Lab is a favorite among ex-pats and Seoulites alike for it's smooth espresso and cheap quality whole beans

Takeout drawing cafe, Noksapyeong, Seoul review. Creative coffee drink design

Takeout Drawing Cafe gives us an artistic take on classic espresso drinks that will be sure to have you take out your camera.

Namusairo coffee shop in Seoul, Gwanghamun. Modern coffee shop in a traditional Korean home

If you get tired trekking around traditional sites and want to relax with possibly the best coffee in Korea, come to Namusairo.

Slate Coffee Roasters Ballard, Seattle. Great typography.

We visit the acclaimed Slate Coffee Roasters in Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood for an exceptional espresso and pourover

Yes, THAT Toms has branched out to make Toms Coffee, a direct trade cafe on Abbott-Kinney.

We visit TOMS coffee shop in Venice to see if TOMS can make the move into coffee.

Wright bros brew and brew in Austin, Texas. Great shop design

We visit Wright Bros Brew & Brew in Austin Texas and sample the coffee side of their coffee bar/craft beer bar

Little Nap Coffee Stand Tokyo review

Little Nap Coffee Stand Tokyo review