Entry Point: The Carpenter Theater for the Performing Arts is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The point of entry to the theater is very distinct.  The awning draws people in from the outside and the roundness of it make it more appealing and inviting.

The Carpenter Theater (also spelled Theatre) for the Performing Arts, also known as Richmond CenterStage, is located at 600 E. Grace Street in downtown Richmond, Virginia. It was originally designed by John Eberson for the Loew's Theater Corporation.

Hick's Law: This sign in Portugal is an example of Hick's Law.  With only 2 options, a decision can be made very quickly.

Outdoors in Portugal: Some of the Best Hiking Paths

Outdoors in Some of the Best Hiking Paths - via Nomad is Beautiful…

Desire Line:  This desire line cuts through a park creating a shorter path for pedestrians to cross from one side to the other.  The desire line proves as a preferred method of efficiency over the original design of the walkways in which people would have to walk much further to get to their destination.

Desired path vs Compliance - Discover your true as-is processes!

Cost-Benefit: This chart shows the benefits of an all inclusive vacation and how it can save a lot of money for travelers proving its benefits are greater than the cost.

How do you pick the best vacation destination? Next, meet with a travel agent to determ