Infomatic iPhone App *** Infomatic brings all your crucial social stats from Facebook and Twitter, and combines them in one awesome and easy to use iPhone app. by SATURIZED , via Behance *** #iphone #app #gui

Infomatic iPhone App - Not really a web design, but similar enough for inspiration - by SATURIZED , via Behance ***

National Geographic Redesign web and iphone app re-design by Enes Danış, via Behance *** #iphone #app #gui #web #nationalgeographic

National Geographic Redesign web and iphone app. Design: by Enes Danış

Mobile Splashpage, Dashboard Flat Design

poster 60 Outstanding Examples of Mobile UI Design Mobile Splashpage - Mobile app interface UI UX

WeSC Redesign Concept by Filip Slováček, via Behance

WeSC is totally one of those love brands for me. Cool products, cool history, cool people, but definitely not a cool website. So i decided to rethink how their web platform should look like and this is the result.

Flat Design Inspiration

Flat Design Inspiration

Introducing the new Sun. Sun iPhone weather app by Jakob Henner


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UX and Design process behind the redesign of USA Today

The Journey Behind USA Today's Site Redesign (by Fantasy)

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