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This is a great picture I found that shows the structure and division of the spinal cord, along with all of its functions. Its very clear and simple - making it very easy to learn for nclex. And heres a tip for you - Ive seen many nclex practice questions that focus on Spinal Cord Injury affecting C1-4, which affect breathing.

The spinal cord functions primarily in the transmission of neural signals between the brain and the rest of the body but also contains neural circuits that can independently control numerous reflexes and central pattern generators.

Spinal cord cross-section, detailed anatomy. Source:

Cord Crossection Detalied Pyramidal Tectospinal Tract Anterior Spinal Canal Anatomy Relationship Parts Approaching Body Kyphosis

Spinal Cord Injuries and Facts Infographic

Spinal Cord Injury - Infographic Information on spinal cord injuries (SCI), statistics, facts. Probably the worst Injury I've had