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This is for My Lighting and Texture class; WOOO go Hand-Painted Stuff!

官方脸书上的重磅消息:炉石新卡背出炉 - 炉石传说

Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings to encourage reallifemeets - Like any card game worth the paper it's printed on, Hearthstone is an innately social experience. It's even about Warcraft characters playing cards in a tavern!

夜汐寒的照片 - 微相册@贝吉他采集到【Q版角色】职业大合集(300图)_花瓣动漫

夜汐寒的照片 - 微相册@贝吉他采集到【Q版角色】职业大合集(300图)_花瓣动漫