Eung Sun Kim
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“I Am On The Rright Path In Search For My Answers.” | Wisdom's Webzine

I worried less and trusted that it will be ok. When the tasks became harder at work and in school I would get the job done, if not better.

Let’s Return to Nature in the Season of Harvest - Wisdom's Webzine

Let’s return to nature. Let’s stop bothering ourselves. Anyone can live as nature without greed and attachments. Let’s return now. Let’s live together easily and joyfully.

Happiness - Love Actually - Wisdom's Webzine

No matter which poor conditions – difficulties and solitude – surround me, even though such things would never change, there is the true world of the origin that goes beyond all of those “conditions.

Living For Someone - Wisdom's Webzine

If everyone in the world eliminates the self, finds the real self and lives for others, every aspect of the world – science, civilization, education and politics – would advance much more.

A Miracle Of Daily Life, "About Time" - Wisdom's Webzine

Every moment is a miraculous moment. We dream for a better future or live bound to the past that was like dream. The moment you open your true eyes to the world, the miracle is right in front of you.

Happiness Exists When The Self Is Eliminated - Wisdom's Webzine

Happiness exists in yourself. Speaking more straightforwardly, happiness is in you but in order to attain that happiness, you need to empty yourself.