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남자라면 수트!!! 이죠! 패션에 관심많으신 남성들은 이 인포그래픽 하나로 수트 정복 성공이겠네요.*_*

Suit Up! If you have no idea what the difference is between a Square Cuff and a French Cuff, get schooled before you go looking for your wedding attire with this handy infographic!

proposed Chobani logo - Matt Delbridge

I like this logo because it has a double meaning. There is a "C" in the head of the sheep. I like that it is camouflaged and that the design of the sheep is not compromised for the "C.

Urban Organics | #stationary #corporate #design #corporatedesign #identity #branding

I really like the originality of the Urban Organics logo. The leaves and tomato each represent the U and O in Corporate Branding - Urban Organics. Also, the overall green and red color scheme feels very natural and fresh.