No Min Woo - Sword and Flower how can he be prettier than the main lead actress??

No Min Woo is DISGUSTINGLY beautiful in Sword and Flower

10 Korean actors who looked absurdly gorgeous with historical hair: No Min Woo in The Sword and the Flower

Beautiful Do Min Joon in hanbook.  Man From The Stars. Kim Soo Hyun.

Moon Embracing the Sun (Hangul: 해를 품은 달;RR: Haereul Pum-eun Dal, also known as The Sun and the Moon) is a 2012 South Korean television drama series, starring Kim Soo-hyun, Han Ga-in,Jung Il-woo and Kim Min-seo. It aired on MBC.

So not flattering for the figure, but I can't help but love the orange and grey dress in the back @_@

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