Secret passageway!

Pinned said :Secret passageway! Cute idea if your house is designed properly. I remember a family friend's house had a hidden play room under their stairs. To get in, we crawled through a little door in their coat closet. Way fun for kids!


Inarchi FRAME floor Free-standing aluminium frame with high-performance LED lights.

Mickey bulb topper.

Whimsical Table Lamps by Ingo Maurer Are A Nod To Mickey Mouse and Disney.

Stunning Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier

Stunning Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier

GAETANO SCIOLARI CHANDELIER Here a hard to find room filling Sciolari chandelier. a great example of wonderful Italian Design. hanging lamp with two lightsources in a milkcoloured plastic body covered in aluminium rings. In perfect condition.


Divisual have designed the Planet-O Lamp, made from metal discs welded by hand.

Hanging Light by Lukas Peet.

Canadian designer Lukas Peet has created the Hanging Light, using an energy efficient fluorescent bulb. A Pendant light that literally hangs from its electrical cord. The light is available in either pale textured yellow or 24 karat gold leaf.


thedesignwalker: Optimist is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer Cosima Geyer Industrial Design.

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