Beautiful typesetting and grid. Anatomy book. Osteology by Irene Shkarovska, via Behance

Pinned for the exquisite grid system: Anatomy book. Osteology by Irene Shkarovska, via Behance

first four parts: simple with blackout and highlight; minimal black/white + cadmium

Interesting idea to highlight certain text instead of making it a different color or bolding.

Striking graphic style. I especially like the texture in the close up of the circles. / Andreas Hidber

Book publication about the history of Basel's biggest Newspaper, it's fusion in the mid seventies and it's development in the and the until the takeover by the political right in Graphic Design by Andreas Hidber, accent graphe

Crazy Sexy Cool — Leo Porto

Crazy Sexy Cool is a book by the creators of US Magazine & Rolling Stone Press. It is a student project completed at the School of Visual Arts for Carin Goldberg's typography class. The assignment was to redesign the book using Swiss typography.

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