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How to Blur the Background of a Photo

Virtual Photography Class: Depth of Field - I Can Teach My Child!

I love pictures where the subject is in focus and everything behind it is blurry. It's my personal preference. The sharpness of a picture, or how much of

Lost in movement. by Moeys Photography, via Flickr

Lost in movement.

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Umbrellas Flow.

In Umeda, Osaka, Japan.

By Darren White Photography. I can only imagine how hard it was to have the shutter open for so long in order to make the water look like this. Amazing.

Seastar Sunrise

ANNOUNCEMENT - 3rd Annual Holiday Print Exchange Saturday December 03, 2011 1pm Kells Irish Pub 112 SW 2nd Ave Portland, Oregon 2011 Holiday Print Exchange Group ©Darren White Photography | All Rights Reserved | Please do not use without my permission. My Profile Google+ Any Photography Questions? Ask me here!!! Twitter Facebook After shooting stars all night making my way back up the Oregon Coast from Bandon, I pulled into a small parking area near Newport and headed down onto the beach…

GraphicBurger » 5 Blurred Backgrounds Vol.1

5 Blurred Backgrounds Vol.1

Blurry images looks great as wallpapers, backgrounds for sites or product presentations. Here's a set of...

25 Great Examples of Motion Blur Photography

25 Great Examples of Motion Blur Photography

Motion blur photography is the streaking of moving objects in a still photograph caused by either rapid movement or long exposure. Here are a few great examples to inspire you to keep your shutter open just a little longer.

// run for it

Photo (The one I tried to draw)

// run for it

"Youth has no age." -Pablo Picasso

"Youth has no age." -Pablo Picasso

And today I spun. And spun and spun. For the group It's me again Monday, theme is Motion. I did feel a little like an 8 year old all over again. The only thing is, your head doesn't back bounce from spinning in quite the same way. :) I was heavily inspired by This Lovely Shot. Thanks V. Happy Monday.

I Absolutely LOVE Ferris Wheels,I can set and watch them for hours,especially at night..when they shine so bright! :)

august 20

ferris wheel! it was david's first time :) he was scared ;x 209/365

Photographed by Steven Chee for Vogue Australia August 2014


menburnstars: “ Photographed by Steven Chee for Vogue Australia August 2014 ”

Raindrops | long exposure

Sweet Dream Escape

A place where I can dream

everyday living.

Oh, Pioneer!

As the world is getting smaller, small things take up all your time. Narcissus would have had a field day if he could have got online.

Depth of field gives us minimal amount of detail for the pictorial "story." Does it need more detail? Maybe, but actually doesn't give the viewer anything more than it might be a f/22. It's a much greater visual experience to simply enjoy the wonderful blur of colors and shapes that surround the unimportant sharp puddle. Outstanding image.

Moments and Memories

In our lifetime, we have a special place in our hearts that treasures and cherishes the things and moments we have, had and could not have. ~ crg