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Pharaoh Adult Costume

Leave your legacy on Ancient Egypt in our Royal Pharaoh Costume. This triumphant Royal Pharaoh Costume for adults features a black full-length robe with an attached shiny gold collar.

상품 섬네일

상품 섬네일


Cleopatra never looked this good. Ancient coins bearing her image show that she was no great beauty. She must have had great sex appeal but she was no beauty.

DATE: n/a PERSON/PRODUCT: Cleopatra Inspired Eye Makeup IMAGE SOURCE: via Maias Mummy AGE OF PERSON: n/a

21 Creepy and Cool Halloween Face Painting Ideas

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Joyce métamorphose des jeunes femmes en créatures terrifiantes grâce à sa maîtrise parfaite du maquillage

Egyptians developed their own unique style. Sheep wool wigs were worn to parties and women dressed in linen ankle-length dresses with straps that tied at the neck.