May help Asperger children with social proximity, muscle control, vestibular stimulation, tactile contact, reading cues, and is a sport/physical activity were the child only has to focus on one partner at a time.

Aikido Principles and Philosophy

Aikido signifies "The Way of Harmony With the Spirit" and it is regarded as a peaceful type of martial art. Nevertheless, don't be deceived.

Wrist locks (Aikido) 9 Técnicas de Aikido con mano vacía para torsión de mano y muñeca #aikido #manov

Aikido Techniques Please Learn from a Teacher. Avoid, Defend, Disable only as a last resort.

Counting in Japanese! Useful when learning the Tomiki walking  kata as movements are performed while a leader counts to eight in Japanese.

Numbers in Japanese- Martial Arts [don't know what it has to do with martial arts. just like counting to ten in a lot of languages.