baby hippo! Its so small and then you look at its mother and say holy cow that's huge!

15 Cutest Pictures of Baby Pygmy Hippos

Funny pictures about Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus. Also, Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus photos.

I love this because it reminds me of a cute fat baby and it looks so cuddly and i just love it.

So cutee

Nobody can resist the cuteness of baby animals. They are curious, naive, and sometimes funny, just like our kids. You& a hardened person if you can scroll through these baby animals photos without your heart beating fast.

10+ Baby Hippos That Will Make Everything Better

10+ Baby Hippos That Will Make Everything Better

too much cuteness! it's the little things in l

I am such a dog person but seriously . a kitten is the cutest thing ever . and a baby panda . and a baby pengouin . I want them AAALLLL! my heart

Baby Hippo :)

Harry the baby hippo

Funny pictures about Harry The Tiny Baby Hippo. Oh, and cool pics about Harry The Tiny Baby Hippo. Also, Harry The Tiny Baby Hippo photos.

.he is so cute, baby hipo                                                                                                                                                                                 More

he is so cute, baby hipo. Hippos are very danger- out. Killer of animals & people

Fiona - the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Everyone stop what you’re doing and meet this adorable baby hippo named Fiona. Fiona is the first Nile hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years!

"If you listen very carefully, you can hear the baby hippo calling for its momma...'HEY MA!?'" gets me every time!

mommy hippopotamus watching newborn baby hippo All I want for Christmas. is a Hippopotamus Song, .my birthday or any holiday for that a BABY HIPPO!