Brain Rules Repeat to remember Kindergarten Ideas - math; Reading Street and more! Could have a song for main points of what we study and then post to wall for memory. Repeat often to remember & understand concept.

Calendar Songs for All 12 Months

Calendar Songs for All 12 Months

August Calendar Song

Month: August Grade: Kindergarten Description: This is a back to school song and a couple of handouts that they will be able to do during the first couple of weeks of class!

Poems/songs for each month of the year...use during Calendar time.

I really hope that no one is still in school, but in case you wanted the July song, here it is! My calendar book is almoooosst ready!

Everything you need for your Math Calendar Journals and its all aligned with The Core (all 99 pages!).  Monthly calendar songs, calendars, numbe...

Calendar Packet - A Year of Calendar Math aligned with the Common Core

TV Days and Months   (calendar song for kids about days and months of th...

TV DAYS AND MONTHS -Calendar song for kids about days and months of the year Enjoy! Check out hip songs & videos for the classroom!