One Nasty SuperDuty • Follow @lamboswithoutlimits @lamboswithoutlimits @lamboswithoutlimits - owner @_on3l3g

One Nasty SuperDuty • Follow @lamboswithoutlimits @lamboswithoutlimits @lamboswithoutlimits - owner @_on3l3g

This weird truck was spotted in Russia. Made by a group of Moscow bikers, the vehicle is called "Iron Wolf". It looks like it just stepped out of the Mad Max movie and it can be met on roads of Russia every day. It is not from some art gallery.

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My 1950 ford f-1 4x4

1950 Ford Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce

This REALLY confuses me - I don't know if I love it, or want to set it on fire!!!

Amalgamating a little old fashion in with the new. Chevy Silverado with a Chevy Apache body kit.

If I have to be a OTR Driver this is my truck. WOW.. I love big trucks but, this one is WOW

I love my big trucks but, this one would have to pull the shortest trailer in history! Must be Cali rig cuz wheel base too long for midwest.

Cool truck senior pictures, K Jay Photos Photography, Madison WI Photographer

Cool truck senior pictures, K Jay Photos Photography, Madison WI Photographer(Cool Pictures Poses)

What a cool truck. Not lifted but lowered. Sweet!

Rat Rod Culture – Every car enthusiast knows what a hotrod, or a ratrod, is.But what exactly makes those cars hot and so famous? Is it the sick paintjob?

Cool truck tent. Need for the beach with @Katie Schmeltzer Hewitson

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Got a truck? Then go camping this weekend with this awesome truck tent. (Neat idea except for the gun.

oh my god.  it's like toon town on wheels.  i would roll this

Sweet little ice-cream truck . I remember the ice cream trucks, but never one that looked like this!