Are you as smart like Dr. Spencer Reid, sporty like Derek Morgan, or good with computers, just like Penelope Garcia? Find out in this personality quiz!

Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

these two are so funny! Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore aka Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds!

Shemar Moore - he is one reason why I watch Criminal Minds whenever I find it on TV and refuse to watch anything else

'Criminal Minds' - Shemar Moore - a stunning man (Baby Girl Garcia's got it right!) and an excellent actor!

17 Tiny Things The Writers Of “Criminal Minds” Need You To Know.    Pinning this on this board for you Alexa! I found it online so I couldn't send it to you.

17 Tiny Things The Writers Of “Criminal Minds” Need You To Know

I got Derek Morgan (“Criminal Minds”)! Who's Your TV Boyfriend? I would have also accepted Spencer Reid ^^

Who's Your TV Boyfriend?

Who's Your TV Boyfriend? Derek Morgan (“Criminal Minds”) You like a good guy with a hint of danger. You tend to date guys who are just the right amount of protective and have a quiet sense of humor.

Criminal Minds Spencer Reid & Derek Morgan I love them

Criminal Minds Spencer Reid & Derek Morgan I want to be in the middle :) Shemar Moore & Matthew Grey Gaubler

Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds. Yes, I know this is just an actor portraying a fictional character, but it's my board so just be quiet and let me look at him.

Picture: Shemar Moore in 'Criminal Minds.' Pic is in a photo gallery for 'Criminal Minds' featuring 116 pictures.